Are Singapore Chiropractors Doctors?

Are Chiropractors doctors?

This is a question that has been put into newspapers and online forums in recent years. The short answer is yes, but not medical doctors. Chiropractors are trained as Chiropractic Doctors, in the same way a Dentist is a Doctor but not a trained Medical Doctor. This is also the same for TCM doctors or PhD graduates. All of these examples are Doctors trained in different specialities.

Read on to find out more about the type of doctor Chiropractors are, the training they undertake and when you should see a Chiropractic Doctor.

Author: I was always interested in biology and wanted to do something to help people. I looked at Dentistry, Medicine and Chiropractic. As a teenager I met a Chiropractor and noticed how happy she was. And how happy and healthy her patients were. This experience, coupled with the preventative, no drug approach of Chiropractic, influenced me to apply to study as a Chiropractic Doctor.

What are the qualifications? are Chiropractor’s doctors trained in medicine?

Chiropractic is an accredited profession. To qualify as a Chiropractor in Singapore, it takes 4 to 5 years of full time training at university/college. During this time there is extensive education about anatomy, physiology, psychology, diseases, pharmacology and much more. Chiropractors are required to fulfill intern hours with established Chiropractors before graduation. In some institutions, including UK, the Chiropractic students are also required to observe other professions, including GP clinics and hospital wards.

Get an idea on what chiropractors do in our blog.

In most countries the laws require formal training to state you are a Chiropractor. If a person claims they are a Chiropractor, but has no qualifications, it is illegal and they can be arrested. This is the same as for Medical Doctors and Dentists.

In terms of class hours, the training to be a medical doctor and Chiropractor is quite similar. However, this does not take into account the time spent interning, which is a longer process for medical doctors.

Chiropractors do not prescribe medicine, treating the body using natural alternatives. Therefore the training is different to a medical doctor.

Once all exams are passed (80+ exams at AECC, UK!) and intern requirements are complete, the students graduate as a Doctor of Chiropractic. After graduation there are different requirements depending on the country. In USA they must complete National Board Chiropractic Examinations. In UK there must have a background check and register with the GCC (General Chiropractic Council). The Chiropractor may also register with an additional Chiropractic board, such as UCA (United Chiropractic Association) or ICA (International Chiropractor Association).

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Chiropractors are also required by law to obtain professional insurance. Chiropractic insurance is one of the most cost effective in healthcare, due to the low number of errors and side effects.

Are Chiropractors doctors in Singapore?

In Singapore there is no legislature to maintain the law of Chiropractic. However, all foreigners are required to be a member of an accrediting association in their home country or country they studied in to obtain and keep a Work Pass.

For example, our Chiropractors, Shaan and Jessey, have been registered with GCC in UK for the past 6 years. 

Anybody who is a Singaporean or PR can claim they practice Chiropractic techniques. Therefore it is important to ensure your Chiropractic Doctor has valid qualifications from a reputable college.

What are Chiropractors qualified to do?

Chiropractors are qualified to conduct a medical history and perform physical tests to assess a patient. These physical tests may include orthopaedic tests, postural analysis and nerve scans. Chiropractors are trained to take medical tests, such as:

  • Vital signs – pulse, blood pressure etc.
  • Systems routines – tests for the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory system
  • Cranial nerve exams
  • Send for blood work (dependent on the country)

Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to take x-rays of the whole body, not just the spine. Outside of Singapore most have their own x-ray facilities in their clinics. MRI’s, CT and Ultrasound scans are routinely sent for, when needed. 

Chiropractic doctors use a range of tests to find the accurate diagnosis for patients

What else should I look out for in a Chiropractic Doctor?

Before consulting with a Chiropractic doctor you should do some research to ensure they have some of the following traits (for more information Read This Article)

1. Qualifications

A mentioned above, Chiropractors go through rigorous training, however ensure they are properly trained with a Masters or Doctorate of Chiropractic from a reputable Institution and registered with the Alliance of Chiropractic.

2. Speciality

Try to find a specialist rather than a generalist that sees all kinds of problems. Similar to medicine, there as specialises, who take extra time and training to focus on particular patients or conditions; such as Upper Cervical analysis and techniques or working with children This will result in finding the right person to help you effectively and efficiently. 

If you’re unsure who to pick, Read  this Article, or feel free to ask us at 8438 9550.

3. Get X-rays

A thorough medical history and physical assessment will establish 90% of if/how to help you. However, x-rays will help to determine the last 10%. X-rays will let the Chiropractor know:

  • If you are safe for care – old injuries or congenital changes may be a contraindication to care
  • Your condition – how long the problem has been there and how long it will take to improve
  • How to help you – everyone’s anatomy is unique and must be adjusted with accuracy

4. They shouldn’t always perform adjustments

If an adjustment is always needed, something is always wrong. If a dentist pulled out a tooth at every visit, they’re missing something in the case. The same is for Chiropractic.

It is important to be regularly checked (like getting a dental check), but adjustments should only be when needed. The less often adjustment is needed, the healthier the body. The healthier the body, the fewer the symptoms, the stronger the person, the better the quality of life.

5. Reviews

Find a practitioner who has reviews and experience with the problem you need helped. Hear from other patients about their stories and how their lives have improved. 

Are Chiropractors doctors fees expensive?

Despite common belief, Chiropractic doctors are much more affordable compared to a medical practitioner handling similar cases. 

For example, take a problem like sinus blockage or inner ear problems. According to DoctorxDentist, a visit to an ENT at a private hospital would cost up to $200 and a single scope could cost $500, with subsequent scopes costing up to $200 each. In contrast, a Chiropractic examination costs $50-$150 and appointments are up to $150 (typically under $100 per visit if a plan is established).

Aren’t more Chiropractic adjustments needed?

Yes, more than one visit is needed. This is because Chiropractic techniques are much less invasive than medical techniques, with extremely low risk of error.. This is also more realistic for your body, as many conditions develop over time so need time to heal

Insurance companies cover Chiropractic because they know it is a cost-effective alternative to expensive medical care and helps to prevent problems.

A study from 2007 of 70,000 people over a 7 year period, showed patients that attended a Chiropractor had 60% lower medical fees. This is significantly lower given the high percentage of effectiveness for Chiropractic  adjustments and the satisfaction rate of patients (at 80% it is one of the highest among practitioners).


Chiropractic is one of the safest forms of any healthcare with a risk of injury at 5,000,000 to 1. To compare, Ibuprofen (one of the safest drugs available) has a risk of 50,000 to 1, that’s 100x times more risk! When examining the research, any cases of Chiropractic injury are due to poor history taking and physical tests, or by an unqualified practitioner claiming their work to be Chiropractic. Many of the publicised articles about “Injury by Chiropractor” are sensationalised, but miss out key facts, such as a recent article from BBC, despite the Chiropractor having been cleared by a professional board 6 months before publication.

Learn more about Chiropractic research and safety, here.

This is NOT to insult medicine. Medicine is a VITAL part of our healthcare system. When there is an emergency or a crisis, medical intervention should be the first choice. Medicine and medical procedures have saved untold millions of lives. Medical care is best when a crisis is also late stage, such as a disease which has maturely developed, like cancer. 

However, due to medicine having to focus on such serious, life-threatening conditions, there are “lifestyle affecting” conditions which are better handled by other practitioners. Headaches, back pain, vertigo, migraines, neck pain, whiplash or tingling into the arms. These are better dealt with by a holistic practitioner who will help analyse how some lifestyle choices have contributed to the symptoms, such as text-neck and excessive sitting. 

By practitioners working together it frees up each speciality to do its best work, giving patients the fastest solution

The best results are achieved when different specialities work together to the same goal by focusing on their particular area of expertise.

Think of a person with cancer. They need to see an oncologist for care, but they should also see a specialist in supportive care.:

  • Surgeon if removal is required
  • Haematologist if the blood is involved
  • Nutritionist for a healthy diet to fight the disease
  • Physiotherapist to keep active and prevent the body getting weak
  • Chiropractor for a healthy nerve system to control the immune response 
  • Psychologist to deal with the stress that may follow

Chiropractic specialises in improving neural integrity in the nerve system by improving the bio-mechanical structure of the spine. You are ALWAYS better off with a healthy nerve system than without one.


Are Chiropractors Doctors? Yes!

Are Chiropractors Doctors that are trained in medicine? No!

A Chiropractor is a Chiropractic Doctor, the same way a Dentist is a Dental Doctor. Neither are Medical Doctors, but both are highly trained professionals which can help your health issues related to their specialities

A professional Chiropractor will work alongside other health professional to give the patient the best care possible. At Vitality Chiropractic we regularly work with ENT’s, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Surgeons, TCM and masseurs to put the care of patients first

At Vitality Chiropractic, we are nerve system specialists. We are Singapore’s first Upper Cervical Specific centre, focusing on problems in the upper neck affecting the brainstem. These problems may manifest symptoms such as:

We are the only centre in Singapore to use medical-grade computed-infrared thermography technology and bio-mechanical x-rays to accurately diagnose our patients, guiding them to faster solutions for their more difficult health problems. We are the first in South East Asia to practice our technique, with patients spending longer in our centre per visit. 

If you have been thinking about seeing a Chiropractor, feel free to message us and we will refer you to the right colleague if our centre isn’t the right fit for you. 

Click here to Read Reviews or Hear Testimonials from our patients.


Are Singapore chiropractors recognized as medical doctors?

Yes, chiropractors in Singapore are not medical doctors but are trained healthcare professionals specializing in chiropractic care.

What qualifications do Singapore chiropractors hold?

Singapore chiropractors hold a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from accredited chiropractic institutions and are licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Can chiropractors prescribe medication in Singapore?

No, chiropractors in Singapore do not prescribe medication. They focus on natural, drug-free approaches to healthcare.

Do Singapore chiropractors collaborate with medical doctors?

Yes, Singapore chiropractors often collaborate with medical doctors to provide comprehensive patient care and may refer patients to other healthcare professionals if necessary.

Are chiropractic therapies covered by insurance in Singapore?

Some insurance plans in Singapore may cover chiropractic services.

It’s advisable to check with your insurance provider regarding coverage details.

How long does a chiropractic session in Singapore typically last?

The duration of a chiropractic session in Singapore can vary but is typically around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the individual’s needs.

Are chiropractic adjustments in Singapore painful?

Chiropractic adjustments are generally not painful. However, some individuals may experience mild discomfort or soreness, which is temporary and normal.

Is chiropractic care suitable for children in Singapore?

Yes, chiropractic care is safe and beneficial for children in Singapore. Pediatric chiropractors specialize in providing care for children of all ages.

How can I find a qualified chiropractor in Singapore?

To find a qualified chiropractor in Singapore, you can ask for recommendations from your primary care physician, friends, or family members. Additionally, you can search online or consult the Singapore Chiropractic Association for a list of registered chiropractors.

Since 2013, Upper Cervical Chiropractor, DC. Shaan Rai helped patients achieve greater health, relocating to Singapore in 2016 and founding Vitality Chiropractic Centres. He has an impressive track record in providing relief and solutions for people who experience nerve system problems, such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo or neurological conditions.

Take your life back. 

For a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Chiropractor or to book a Consultation, call +65 8438 9550 or email to find out if we can help you at our Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

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Written by

Shaan Rai (Chiropractic, Singapore)

Shaan (UK) is based in Singapore. He is a GCC registered Singapore Chiropractor, completing a 5 year course at AECC, attaining his Masters in Chiropractic. His career has been specialised in neurological cases, such as migraines and vertigo. He is the Vuce President and Chairman for Outreach & Charity for Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) and is a founder of Vitality Chiropractic Singapore. He developed the NeuroPro method, combining Upper Cervical techniques with Functional Neurology Rehab.

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