At first glance, arm pain, numbness and tingling or weakness may appear to be no more than warning signs of overexertion. However, these same symptoms can mask underlying medical conditions and injuries, some more serious than others. If left alone, these seemingly minor nuisances can progress into debilitating conditions that hamper normal functions of daily life.

An arm pain and numbness Chiropractor in Singapore understands the importance of addressing pain and numbness effectively and promptly to minimise their impact on your quality of life. Holistic, patient-centric care targeting diverse nervous system-related conditions, including arm pain and numbness, may help you better manage your condition and regain control over your life.



Arm sensation changes are typically experienced as numbness, tingling, weakness, cramps or pain in the arm, hands and/or fingers.

It can be due to carpal tunnel syndrome or shoulder injuries, but is most commonly caused by radiculopathy in the neck (cervical spine), which damages the nerves to the shoulder and arm.

Arm pain or hand numbness are not medical conditions, but rather a symptom of another problem (in the same way a fever is a symptom of a problem, such as an infection).

Professional assistance from a specialised Chiropractor in Singapore may achieve great results in helping patients with arm problems (including pain and numbness).

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Due to the location of the symptoms, many physicians in Singapore assume arm pain and hand numbness problems start locally, such as in the surrounding muscles or other parts of the arm. This leads to the administration of procedures to manage those local structures, such as carpal tunnel surgery or shoulder surgery. In some cases, pain medications or nerve blocks are used to inhibit the pain pathways, which can offer short-term relief. However, unlike sessions with a specialist such as an arm numbness Chiropractor, they may not help in the long term as they do not address the cause.


Various conditions can cause arm pain, hand weakness, numbness and tingling, and identifying the precise reason for your symptoms can be tricky without professional training. To minimise the delay in receiving the proper care, it is advised that you seek the advice of a certified healthcare professional like an arm pain or arm numbness Chiropractor in Singapore. Generally, the causes of arm pain and numbness fall under three broad categories.

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This is technically termed Radiculopathy. This is when the nerves get compressed by the surrounding structure, such as the bones, joints or ligaments. This may start after an injury or without any history of trauma. The nerves can be pinched anywhere along the path the nerve follows, including the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. The neck is one of the most common places for the nerves to be pinched, resulting in pain, numbness, weakness or tingling in the arm down to the fingers may require the help of a specialist such as an arm pain Chiropractor in Singapore to resolve. This may also be accompanied by other symptoms such as a stiff neckheadachesfatiguedizziness or sleep problems.

This arises from either trauma to the shoulder or a progressive overuse, especially in older patients. If it is a single trauma, this is commonly a sports injury, such as when throwing or overhead movements with weight training. In older patients, rotator cuff injuries may be a result of progressive exertion damaging the small muscles that support the shoulder (rotator cuff) coupled with poor posture over a number of years. This will usually be accompanied by a dull ache into the affected shoulder.

This would be another form of injury or trauma, but it may happen anywhere in the arms or hands, not just the shoulder. This can be from a particular incident or repetitive overuse (RSI). In tendonitis, the tendon becomes inflamed and may be tender to palpation or feel hot to touch. There may also be swelling for either sprains or tendonitis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that causes weakness, numbness and tingling in the hand and wrist. Typically caused by an increase in pressure on a nerve within the wrist called the median nerve. Certain symptoms include itching, burning or tingling sensation in the palm, thumb, index or middle fingers.

A person experiencing a heart attack can experience severe chest pain along with tingling and numbness down their arm as a result of severe blockages in blood flow from the heart. Other symptoms may also include nausea, sweating, dizziness and shortness of breath.


Peripheral Neuropathy signals a problem within the peripheral nervous system (the network of nerves outside your brain and spinal cord). This condition occurs when the nerve cells are damaged or destroyed. This nerve damage disrupts the communication between neurons and the brain resulting in the sensations of numbness or tingling (also known as “pins and needles”). If the peripheral isn’t remediable, support such as Chiropractic and physical therapy are generally designed to help control and prevent further nerve damage.

The central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. When a person suffers from spinal cord injury, the nerve cells and groups of nerves called tracts are also affected. These tracts in your spinal cord are responsible for sending messages from your brain to the rest of the body and vice versa. Symptoms of this injury also include loss of sensation, numbness or tingling in your hands, fingers, feet or toes. In extreme cases, arm numbness could also be an indication of a heart attack or stroke. These conditions are typically accompanied by other unique symptoms. However, seeking the advice of a competent professional, like a Chiropractor in Singapore, can still be a good precautionary measure to detect any potentially threatening conditions early and prevent their progression.

The most common symptoms of a stroke include, but are not limited to, the sudden paralysis of a leg, arm or one side of the face as well as a sudden feeling of numbness, weakness or dizziness. A stroke occurs when there is an interruption in the blood flow to the brain. If you suspect that you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of a suspected stroke, immediately see your medical practitioner and get emergency medical attention.

A person experiencing a heart attack can experience severe chest pain along with tingling and numbness down their arm as a result of severe blockages in blood flow from the heart. Other symptoms may also include nausea, sweating, dizziness and shortness of breath.

The nerves from the neck supply all parts off the shoulder, arm and hands. They then pass down to the fingers, with different fingers indicating different parts of the arm or neck which may be injured. Think of the nerves like train tracks, but instead of trains running along the tracks, it is information going from the brain (controlling the limb, such as movements or to heal injuries) or to the brain (reporting changes and sensations in the arm, such as feelings or pain).

If these pathways are broken down, it is not just arm pain or hand numbness that will occur. It can also be numbness in the fingers or a tingling sensation in the fingers. This sensation in the fingers (as well as pain or weakness) may not affect all the fingers but only certain ones, such as the thumb or the small pinky finger.

This numbness in the fingers can result in clumsy movements and an increased incidence of accidents. A tingling sensation in the fingers can become annoying and make it difficult to perform normal tasks. A tingling sensation or numbness in the fingers can be a sign of a problem in the neck, especially if there has been no trauma or injury in the rest of the arm. This may start from poor posture or old trauma to the neck. As such, it is always advised to consult a specialist, like a Chiropractor in Singapore, for arm pain and numbness in Singapore to address any concerns early to avoid unnecessary discomfort and improve your overall well-being.


For many cases of hand pain or arm numbness, there is typically a trigger. This could be a fall, whiplash, injury, car accident or another injury to the neck, head, arm or hand. This damages the nerves (especially in the upper neck), making them more susceptible to producing symptoms, including those in the upper limb. Other triggers include:

It’s not uncommon for arm numbness, weakness, tingling, or pain to intensify during periods of heightened stress. When the brain prioritises a stressful event, it can sometimes inadvertently neglect other areas, leading to symptoms like numbness or tingling in the arm or hand.

Certain head movements have the potential to impinge nerves in the neck that govern the arm and hand, initiating discomfort. This is particularly true for individuals who have sustained neck or head injuries.

While medications in and of themselves might not directly cause arm symptoms, they can potentially exacerbate a pre-existing issue, especially if that issue has its roots in nerve damage or dysfunction.

Exercise is essential for overall health, but for those with nerve impingements or muscular damage, certain activities can aggravate the problem. Overexertion can inflict additional strain on already injured nerves.

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For most patients with arm symptoms like pain and numbness, the first visit is to the GP and then a possible referral to a physiotherapist or orthopaedic surgeon. Tests may include CT scans, MRI and nerve conduction studies. A medical specialist or physiotherapist will first exclude serious problems. If nothing is found, the solutions can be fairly limited, with the only option being exercises, stretches or possibly surgery, depending on the cause. This may offer some temporary relief, but may not correct the cause, particularly if it is due to a pinched nerve in the neck. Once serious diseases have been ruled out, there should be a thorough assessment of the upper neck, where the upper spinal cord, brainstem and cranial nerve centres are located (the nerves which pass into the arm and hand). However, without addressing the underlying root problem, your symptoms of weakness, numbness, tingling, cramps, and pain in your arms may persist.

Arm pain and arm numbness Chiropractors in Singapore can administer comprehensive examinations like muscle and orthopaedic tests and incorporate the latest technology into procedures to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis. These include medical-grade computed infrared thermography and specialised biomechanical X-rays. Through an advanced and strategic approach, you can be certain that you are receiving the best possible care that may help you achieve excellent, lasting outcomes quicker. Learn more about posture.


Research shows that a misalignment, known as a Subluxation, in the upper neck can put pressure on the upper spinal cord. This can lead to interference in the cranial nerve centres. These cranial nerves supply all control for the shoulder, arms, hands and fingers. When damaged, this can result in a lack of feeling, such as weakness or numbness, or an increase, such as tingling, cramps or pain.

If the arm pain is worsened by the position of the head this is particularly indicative of an Upper Cervical Subluxation.

Upper cervical Chiropractic care is particularly effective at helping arm pain and hand numbness, as it focuses on the upper neck where the cranial nerve centres are located.

If you seek Chiropractic care, seek an arm pain Chiropractor at a Chiropractic clinic in Singapore specialising in Upper Cervical Care. Such skilled expertise in the field allows Chiropractors to tailor effective therapies to maximise the benefits you gain from each session. Additionally, the unique NeuroPro method combines computed infrared thermography nerve scans and biomechanical x-rays, which will enable your Chiropractor to accurately diagnose the underlying root cause of your problem and provide better-targeted support for arm pain and hand numbness.



In Singapore, arm pain and numbness is commonly managed by medicines, such as anti-inflammatories or painkillers, which can be helpful in some cases for the short term. However, if the cause is rooted in the nerve system, this will only help to temporarily relieve the symptoms.

Where the arm pain and hand numbness are chronic (long-term), the therapy must assess any underlying problems in the nerve system, and seeking the help of a professional such as a Chiropractor is recommended.


Depending on the type of arm pain, some exercises that can be helpful, such as seen in the video below.

For pinched nerves, the focus must be on the nerve system to correct the problem and offer a long–term solution.

With the use of adjustments, a Chiropractor can release a pinched nerve to target the underlying cause of arm pain. Chiropractic adjustment involves using hands or a small device to apply a controlled force to a spinal joint to enhance its movement, resulting in better physical performance and function. This non-invasive approach may promote recovery without the need for medications or invasive procedures, which may result in unwanted side effects. Reach out to a Chiropractor in Singapore today to learn more about how you can improve your condition.


Shaan is a GCC registered Chiropractor from London (UK) who graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (UK) – not a medical or dental qualification. He has completed post-graduate studies and has been serving patients in Singapore since 2015. He founded Vitality Chiropractic Centres to open the first Upper Cervical clinic in Singapore.

He is the Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) Chairman for Outreach, organising events within Singapore with the People’s Association and other charities. Shaan has served thousands of patients, with experience in patients with headaches, migraines, vertigo, Meniere’s, whiplash, IBS and other chronic nervous system problems.

“You are always better off with a healthy nerve system than an unhealthy nerve system, regardless of symptoms” – Shaan

Jessey is a GCC registered Chiropractor from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), graduated from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (UK) – not a medical or dental qualification. She has experience serving patients from two weeks old to 96 years old prior to moving to Singapore and joining Vitality Chiropractic. She has completed post-graduate studies and is Singapore’s first female Upper Cervical Chiropractor.

Jessey is active in outreach, participating in charitable trips to Cambodia and within Singapore. Jessey has experience helping patients with headaches, migraines, vertigo, Meniere’s, slipped disc, anxiety, fibrillations, IBS and other chronic nerve system problems. She also has a special interest in children and younger patients.

“I am passionate about helping people kick-start their healing process and have a second chance at life” – Jessey


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