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Chiropractic For Tingling Sensation Tingling sensation? Tingling sensation, numbness, pins and needles, paresthesia, weakness…sounds familiar? Tingling or other symptoms into the arms hands or legs and feet can

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Types of Neck Pain Types of neck pain Before we deep dive into the causes and ways to improve neck pain and stiff neck, first a little anatomy

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Is Chiropractic Effective? Is chiropractic effective? It is common to ask what Chiropractors do and what is Chiropractic care. Chiropractors are specialists in the nerve (or nervous)

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Posture: The ULTIMATE guide what is posture? Posture is simply the position in which we hold our body. This includes sitting, standing, sleeping and even during movements. Why

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Lower back pain: The Ultimate Guide What is the ‘lower back’? The lower back is the area of the spine known as the Lumbar vertebrae. This also includes the surrounding

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When to See a Chiropractor?

WHEN TO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR? When to see a Chiropractor? This can be confusing, with many practices focusing on different specialities, treatment techniques and type of

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