You’re probably seeking some help with your health issues and are considering Chiropractic services in Singapore. But a few questions linger in your mind: How much does it cost and what do Chiropractors in Singapore charge? How much do Chiropractic adjustment sessions typically cost? What is the price range that you should be looking out for? How do the prices of Chiropractic care compare to consultations from a medical doctor?

Considering booking an appointment to receive Chiropractic treatment? Read on to learn more about the costs, the averages, what is normal and how to determine what is right for you.

What is Chiropractic?

Before we discuss and examine Chiropractic fees in Singapore, an important place to start is to explain what Chiropractic is. This makes an understanding of price clearer when we understand what the goals are. (For example, if you didn’t know the difference between glass and diamonds you would wonder why these fairly similar-looking materials cost such different amounts!)

Chiropractic is a registered, regulated profession specialising in the nerve system. A dentist specialises in teeth, a cardiologist on the heart and circulatory system; Chiropractors specialise in the nerve system and correct any disruptions in this system.



The nervous system is the internal wiring system of the body. It connects the brain and body so that they can communicate. The brain controls bodily functions, such as how the organs and muscles work. The nerves also work in reverse, sending messages from the body back to the brain to help us interpret the world, such as through our senses and touch. It’s important to maintain this communication system via Chiropractic care or the body can deteriorate and get sick.

Think of it like your house, you can have the best TV, lamp and laptop, but if the power cables are faulty…nothing works!

To maintain this vital bodily system, a Chiropractor must conduct a consultation and physical assessment to determine if there is the presence of a problem and, if so, determine the best solution to deal with the pain.

This is similar to any Medical Doctor or practitioner – all will ask questions then run tests accordingly.

One of the big differences between Chiropractors and other healthcare professions is that your Chiropractor should ALWAYS base their care and treatment on these tests rather than symptoms. This is because improving the function of the body is the best way to reduce those symptoms, which your body produces as a warning sign (such as feeling hot to prevent damage by fire!). It doesn’t mean the symptoms aren’t important; they act as a guide to what the problem is. However, the tests done at every visit should be the judge of your progress.

Think of it like having high blood pressure; We can’t feel it but it is an important test to help guide doctors to provide care and prescriptions.




In Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MoH) categorises Chiropractic Care as alternative medicine. That’s why seeing a Chiropractor in Singapore does not require any major operations or prescriptions. Chiropractors use very gentle, specific and light Chiropractic adjustments on the spine to correct misalignments (called Subluxations) which prevent the nerves from working properly. The misalignments close the nerve space (called foramen), pressure the nerves and cause interference. Think of it like a garden hose; if you step on it, it prevents the water from flowing through and causes a buildup of pressure. The adjustments are small pushes on the bones to correct their position.

Some people may think the main focus of any Chiropractic adjustment session is on the bones. The reason we work with bones is to correct their position and remove the tension they place on the nerves, but the nerves are always the main focus for any injury.

***Every Chiropractic treatment is different – some may recommend acupuncture, exercise or massages which are NOT chiropractic techniques but can complement care and help in the recovery process. However, spinal adjustments should always be the main focus of Chiropractic treatment to correct Subluxations. If you come across a Chiropractor that doesn’t do spinal adjustments, they may not qualified Chiropractors.  If exercises, stretches, or massages are needed for your case it is best to seek the help of the appropriate practitioner, instead of a Chiropractor, who has better training for these techniques, such as a Physiotherapist or TCM***


Chiropractic care is super efficient for any kind of pain you may experience in your body, such as headache, migraine, vertigo, dizziness, neck pain, shoulder pain and more. Most Chiropractic treatments involve light Chiropractic adjustments of the neck and spine to bring healing and relief to the pain experienced in the head, neck, shoulders, as well as in the back or other affected body systems, such as balance and digestion.

Chiropractors in Singapore, and all around the world, are concerned with the neuromuscular management of the body. And they aim to achieve this through the use of spinal alignment and adjustment without the use of medication or surgery.


Singapore Chiropractic clinics offering Chiropractic services can charge prices ranging from:

  • Consultation = $30 – $240+ (may or may not include Chiropractic adjustments)
  • X-ray = $130 – $350
  • Treatment = $40 – $150
  • Re-assessment = $60 – $150

Compared to medical care, Chiropractic is very affordable, especially given the success rate. The money that you pay for chiropractic treatments in Singapore is significantly lower than medical costs.

Did you know Chiropractic has a success rate of over 90%? It also has one of the highest satisfaction ratings from patients at 83%!

A study reported in the New York Times rated Chiropractic as best for price and patient satisfaction. When examining the cost this literature review by the ICA found dozens of studies showing Chiropractic treatment to be significantly more cost-effective than medical care, with higher success rates.

Receiving Chiropractic adjustments is more about prevention; by maintaining the functionality of your body, you save costs by avoiding complications that can develop in the future.

FUN FACT: For most insurance policies, Chiropractic fees in Singapore are covered, because insurance companies know that Chiropractic claims save them money compared to more expensive medical bills.

chiropractic fees in singapore best chiropractor in singapore upper cervical

All Chiropractic clinics require patients to go through a consultation and testing on their first visit before providing a treatment plan for their case. Once they have informed you of the plan for your case, there will be charges for the following sessions. Patients can pay for Chiropractic treatments in instalments or as a whole in Singapore! If your Chiropractor does not present you with a full plan or is a very short plan, watch out! This may mean they are only trying to make the symptoms go away but not correct the problem, meaning it may return in the future. Beware of sketchy Chiropractic treatment packages that seem too good to be true!

At Vitality Chiropractic, we perform Re-assessments at set intervals to monitor your progress.

This should be done by all Chiropractors in Singapore.



chiropractic fees in singapore vitality prices summarised

We understand many Chiropractic clinics in Singapore may offer heavy discounts in their treatment packages (sometimes over 90%!) to attract more clients. Often these “limited time packages” are advertised all year round. At Vitality Chiropractic, we value the quality of our training and care, giving patients more time in the clinic, so they can get back to what matters most to them.

We offer discounts to our clients once per year to celebrate our anniversary (during February/March) and is truly a *limited time offer*



At Vitality Chiropractic, we specialise in our Chiropractic treatments focusing on the nerve system. We take 1 full hour for our Consultations and use medical grade Infrared Computed Thermography nerve scans to analyse our patients. The Bio-mechanical X-rays we take are unique in Singapore, requiring further post-graduate study. To ensure that the prices we charge remain on the lower side in Singapore, we work with an X-ray centre that offers great rates with exceptional equipment.

chiropractic fees in singapore dr shaan adjusts patient upper cervical migraines headachesFurther studying has also been done for the Chiropractic treatment technique we use, being the first to use this technique in South-East Asia. Our appointment times are typically 20-35 minutes, longer than most centres. We are the first in Singapore to utilise Recovery Suites to speed up healing times for our patients.

Our treatment is very specific, giving our patients faster solutions, to harder cases, for results which last longer.

Vitality Chiropractic is also heavily involved in charity and outreach. Our doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Shaan, is the Chairman of the Outreach Committee for the Alliance of Chiropractic (the largest Chiropractic Association in Singapore). We served the public with

Testimonial migraines chiropractic fees in singapore

complimentary screenings and Chiropractic adjustments at:

Read more about Why We Don’t Do Heavy Discounts, here.


Now that we have established the purpose and general costs of a Chiropractor, we are left with the dilemma of which Chiropractor to choose from! With only a small number of Chiropractors to choose from in Singapore (less than 200 for over 5.5 million people), it can definitely be a challenge deciding where to go. Below is a summary of some things to consider:

  1. Location
  2. Specialisation
  3. Experience
  4. Price
  5. Qualifications

If you need any help finding a Chiropractor (and find that Vitality Chiropractic isn’t right for you) or has prices that suit your budget for your Chiropractic adjustments in Singapore, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to refer you to the right person for your health.

For a more in-depth guide, click here to read about How to Choose a Chiropractor; or here for 10 Tips Before Seeing a Chiropractor!


Vitality Chiropractic offers a wealth of expertise from years of experience in multiple countries. Patients ranging from 2 weeks to over 90 years old suffering from migraines to inner ear problems and trigeminal neuralgia – our doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Shaan has had extensive post-graduate training, travelling to the United States of America, Australia, UK and Philippines before founding Vitality Chiropractic.

Our focus is on the more serious neurological cases which have had no solution from massage, Physiotherapy, Medical Doctors and even other Chiropractors.

in singapore dr shaan vitality chiropractic headaches migraines upper cervical 2

Cases we have seen in 2019 alone include Meniere’s disease, fibromyalgiaslipped discmigrainesheadachesvertigo, back pain, neck stiffness, cerebral palsy, spinal meningitis, stroke, fainting, panic attacks, high blood pressure, teeth grinding, hearing difficulty, eyesight problems and whiplash.

At Vitality Chiropractic Singapore, we endeavour to find the cause of your problem. If we aren’t the right clinic for your case, we will do our best to refer you to the right practitioner. We work closely with Dentists, Physiotherapists, TCMs, ENTs, Surgeons and other medical Doctors to help our patients take their lives back.

Take your life back.

For a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Doctor or to book a Chiropractic Consultation, call +65 8438 9550 or email to find out if we can help you at our Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

Want to Talk With the Doctor?

Fill in your details below or contact 8438 9550 and we will help you to schedule a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Doctor to discuss your case.
We can help.

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