How Long Have You Been Thinking About Visiting a Chiropractor?

Ever had a back pain? Headache? Migraine? Joint aches? If you have then it’s likely you’ve gone on Google and done some research about remedies; and one solution you’ve probably encountered again and again is a visit to a chiropractic centre in Singapore. Chiropractic is a profession focused on removing any interference or disruptions in your nervous system, especially in the spine, to allow the body to heal better and faster (without the need for medicine or surgery). During your research you’ve probably come across a lot of information which may confuse what Chiropractors do or raise concerns about visiting a Chiropractor yourself. Read on for some ANSWERS and comment below if you have any more questions.

     What do they actually do?

When you book in with a Chiropractic Doctor they will ALWAYS perform a thorough consultation before performing any adjustments or techniques to your nervous system. This should include a detailed history, neurological physical tests, postural assessment and nervous system scans. When warranted they may also send for further imaging, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs or Ultrasound. They will then explain the test results to you and present your options for care, if you are a candidate for Chiropractic care.

If you are a viable candidate, and have agreed and understood about your condition, then the Chiropractor can begin to make adjustments to your nervous system. These adjustments are light impulses to the joints in your body, where mis-alignments (also called Subluxations) are putting pressure on your nerves. These do NOT hurt and are extremely safe. The Chiropractor should create an action plan to help your condition, rather than arranging only 1 or 2 sessions. Your body needs this repetition to break some of the patterns that have been present for many years.

The Chiropractor will perform re-examinations in the future to monitor your progress. At these re-exams most patients report improvements or cessation in their initial condition, as well as secondary improvements in other parts of their health (such as sleep, digestion, flexibility, energy and mental clarity).


Cost can be a factor for any healthcare choice, especially in the modern world.

Did you know that Chiropractic patients spend less on average on health care?

This is because the consultations and adjustments are far cheaper than medical interventions, such as surgery; and because Chiropractic patients get ill less often due to a healthy, thriving nervous system (the system connecting the brain and body and regulating your immune system).

Most insurance providers in Singapore include Chiropractic, paying either the full amount or a large part of care. Many companies are also including Chiropractic in their health plans as they understand it keeps you healthy and able to keep working!

If a condition has been present for a longer time, the costs are likely to be higher as it takes longer to recover, therefore it makes sense to get checked as soon as possible. If left longer there may be further deterioration in your health; which can ultimately lead to more costs, missing work and a reduced quality of life. Losing the ability to engage in activities or spend time with loved ones is more costly than ANY doctor’s fees.

Find out Our Fees, here.

Read about how Chiropractic is a LOW COST alternative, here.

     Will it hurt?

Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and specific impulses to remove blockages in your nervous system.

The pressure applied is unique to every patient, and Chiropractors study for 5 YEARS learning how to apply the least pressure possible to help you with your problem.

Rarely patients report some soreness in the muscles near the beginning of care, but this doesn’t last long and is actually a GOOD sign the body is adapting and healing. Think of it like a run or gym session after years of not exercising, that first session could leave you feeling great or maybe a little sore, BUT it leads to greater strength and an improved body.

     Will I have to go forever?

Your Chiropractor should clearly lay out how many appointments are required and for how long. Initially there should be more appointments to improve the health of your nervous system, then over time they should schedule check-ups to maintain your nervous system at a high level. This would be similar to having dental work done, then having routine check-ups.

Much like with dentistry, Chiropractic check-ups should be scheduled whether there are symptoms or not to prevent problems and maintain optimal well-being.

     Isn’t Chiropractic just for bad backs?

Although Chiropractors concentrate on the spine (and many people have relief from back problems), the focus is actually the nervous system.

The reason the spine is so important is because it is the structure that protects the main nerves coming from the brain, and organise those nerves to go to the correct body parts; including your organs, skin, tissues and muscles.

The spine is the protector for this system, so it makes sense to keep it working properly.

Chiropractors also regularly see patients having improvements in other conditions, such as: headaches, migraines, shoulder problems, stomach issues, breathing difficulties, joint aches and reduced immunity. Chiropractors also help children to flourish. Ensure to ask your Chiropractor if they have seen problems like yours before, so they can determine if they can help or if they should guide you to another practitioner.

     Are they Doctors?

Yes! When using the term Doctor this is referring to a Chiropractic Doctor rather than a Medical Doctor. Medical Doctors are one type, but you can also have others such as Chiropractic Doctors, Dental Doctors or PhD Doctors.

Chiropractic Doctors undergo 5 years of full time university, attaining either a Doctorate or a Masters with the title of Doctor (a bachelors in Chiropractic is an incomplete qualification).

All students spend time working as an intern under the guidance of seasoned Chiropractors before graduation. Check credentials of any health professional you engage to ensure you get the best care possible.

     I feel OK, should I still get checked?

Absolutely! When there are no symptoms this is still a great time to have your nervous system checked and tested to find out if things are healthy and how we can improve. Similar to regular Medical tests, Dental checkups or Optician tests; it’s a smart decision to visit an upper cervical chiropractic specialist to test your spine and nerve system.

In the absence of pain or symptoms there still can be underlying problems, with many conditions not immediately causing symptoms, such as high blood pressure/cholesterol, tooth decay, retinal damage, or Chiropractic related problems, such as spinal misalignment and poor regulation of your CNS (central nervous system).

Think of your health like a light bulb, the brighter it is the greater your health! In life there may be factors that dim that bulb, such as stress, unhealthy foods and pressure on nerves. If the bulb is dimmed slowly over time you may not notice the changes straight away. Being pro-active about your health can keep your at maximal health, to continue to do what matters most to you.

Since 2013, Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr. Shaan Rai has helped patients achieve greater health, relocating to Singapore in 2016 and founding Vitality Chiropractic Centres. He has an impressive track record in providing relief and solutions for people who experience nerve system problems, such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo or neurological conditions.

Take your life back.

For a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Doctor or to book a Consultation, call +65 8438 9550 or email to find out if we can help you at our Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

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