What Do Chiropractors in Singapore Do?

As one of the Chiropractors in Singapore, I focus on my patients the nerve system. A dentist focuses on your teeth, a cardiologist on your heart; we focus on correcting problems in the nerve system.

As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor I focus particularly in what is happening at the brain stem in the top part of your neck.

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Let’s use a cardiologist as an example. A cardiologist focuses on the heart and blood vessels making sure there are no blockages so that blood can be pumped, and energy and nutrients can get to every part of the body, including to the muscles, skin and all the organs.

But what if I took a string and wrap it around one of those blood vessels? Such as one close to the heart? Not completely closing it, but 50-60% closed. This would restrict the flow of blood, not just locally but to everywhere that blood needs to go, including the large muscles groups of the body all the way down to the legs, or affecting your vital organs that keep you alive!

The smart thing would NOT be to treat the symptoms that come from the lack of blood flow, the smart thing to do would be to take the pressure off of that blood vessel.

Now imagine instead of that string being around a blood vessel it was around your brainstem, which connects your brain to the rest of your body. Pressure in that area prevents the healing messages from the brain getting to the body, and the body sending information back to the brain!

This creates confusion in the system, which means the body and the brain aren’t properly connected and the brain can’t keep the body healthy. Within the brainstem this can also put pressure on control centres, such as for breathing, immunity, digestion and even your heart rate. This can even affect your balance centres causing dizziness or vertigo.

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I focus on this area to determine if there is a problem and correct it so the body can heal as naturally as possible. In Singapore we are the first and only Upper Cervical centre, helping our patients with chronic long term conditions, such as migraines, vertigo and meniere’s disease.

Chiropractors in Singapore don’t deal with symptoms, we deal with the cause, by correcting the cause, YOUR body gets rid of the symptoms.

Since 2013, Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr. Shaan Rai helped patients achieve greater health, relocating to Singapore in 2016 and founding Vitality Chiropractic Centres. He has an impressive track record in providing relief and solutions for people who experience nerve system problems, such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo or neurological conditions.

Take your life back.

For a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Doctor or to book a Consultation, call +65 8438 9550 or email help@vitalitychiropracticcentres.com to find out if we can help you at our Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

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