Best Singapore Chiropractor: 5 Ways to Find Them

How can I find the best Chiropractor in Singapore? This seems like a common question we ask when we are looking for anything in our lives, whether it be the best new TV, best car, best restaurant or best health professional. Read on to find out how you can find the best Chiropractor in Singapore for your specific case.

1. Why am I looking for a Chiropractor?

This may be the most important first question to ask. Is this due to a specific health problem? Do you want to find a natural, drug-free way to improve symptoms? Is this for improved health and well-being? Is this for somebody else?

Determining the reason to see the Chiropractor will help to know which type of Chiropractor is best suited for you

best chiropractor childrenFor example, if you have a toothache and someone refers you to the best heart surgeon in Singapore, this won’t be very helpful, no matter how good a doctor they are!

Similarly for Chiropractic, if you are looking for a Chiropractor that specialises in sports, then they would be more appropriate than somebody that specialises in children, or if you have a serious neurological case (such as meniere’s, migraines, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia) its is better to see a Chiropractor that specialises in this, rather than runners.

Should it even be a Chiropractor?

Also be sure that you are seeing the right profession for your needs. For example, if you have a knee or ankle injury (or want exercises to help you condition), then a Physiotherapist would be a more suitable choice as this is where they are better qualified. For medicines a medical Doctor or TCM would be more appropriate.

However, if you are looking for a practitioner that specialises in the nerve system, then a Chiropractor is the best choice

For a list a great Chiropractors in an affiliated Association, click here.

2. Good Chiropractors in Singapore have proper Credentials

This may seem like a trivial requirement, but did you know in Singapore there is no law preventing people from saying they practice Chiropractic? This means that ANYONE can say they use Chiropractic techniques, such as TCM, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage etc.gcc general chiropractic council

Ensure the Chiropractor is qualified and registered with a governing regulatory body (e.g. GCC – UK, ACA – USA)

Look for any extra certifications or training they have done which may be useful for your case or the case off your loved ones. This could include:

  • ICPA for paediatrics
  • Upper Cervical post-graduate for vertigo, migraines or neurological conditions
  • Sport certifications e.g. TPI or FICS

(If stretching or exercises are best for your sport issue, see a Physiotherapist. To learn more about the Difference between Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, click here)

If feeling unsure, ask the practitioner, they should have qualifications displayed in the clinic

3. Testimonials and Reviews

Do they have any reviews or testimonials available online? f they do, are they relevant to the problem you need help with?

These accounts by other patients may be online or in the clinic. They may be in the form of text or videos, or pictures captioned with their experience. ALL are useful ways to understand the experience they have had in the past with patients and cases just like yours.

The best Chiropractor in Singapore will likely have more of their patients raving about the exceptional care they provide

These Stories can be a useful insight to the way their care could benefit your life.

4. Experience

During the 5 years of study for a Chiropractic education there is a lot to learn. There immunology, pathology, condition, diagnosis, physiology, physical tests, pharmacology, red flags embryology…..the list goes on and on. The best Chiropractor in Singapore may not necessarily be the one that has been in practice the longest.

However, one thing that cannot be taught is experience. Within the initial years of being in practice it is best to work with an established Chiropractor to gain mentorship and develop skills. Therefore if a new graduate is working with an experienced Chiropractor this is completely fine, they will be subject to tutoring and will be certainly be competent to help you.

But if someone doesn’t have access to this kind of mentorship, it may be had for them to notice any issues that arise and this may prolong your care

Similarly, if your case is more serious or chronic, it would be advisable to seek a Chiropractor with more experience (typically 5 or more years), especially if they seen cases like yours before with proven results.


5. Great Chiropractors in Singapore do nerve tests

Symptoms, such as pain, are horrible to live with and should not be ignored by a patient or a Chiropractor . However, if a Doctor (whether Medical or Chiropractic) only uses symptoms for their diagnoses and to measure your progress then this is negligence on behalf of the Doctor.

Think about if you went to the hospital with stomach problems. You would expect them to conduct tests to get to the bottom of the issue, rather than just offering medication to numb the feeling

before and after adjustment tytronThis should be the same from your Chiropractor. How they approach your condition should be based on objective testing, such as thermography, HRV, sMEG, postural analysis or x-rays (read If You Should See a Chiropractor Without X-rays, here). These tests should be done before any adjustments or corrections. There should also be testing at every visit to track progress and regular re-assessments scheduled.

If regular tests aren’t conducted it is impossible to see FUNCTIONALLY how your body is doing. Proper function results in true symptom relief.


How do I find the best chiropractor in Singapore?

To find the best chiropractor in Singapore, consider factors such as qualifications, experience, patient reviews, referrals, and accessibility.

What qualifications should I look for when searching for a chiropractor in Singapore?

Look for chiropractors in Singapore who have obtained relevant degrees, certifications, and are registered with reputable chiropractic associations.

Are patient reviews important when choosing a chiropractor in Singapore?

Yes, patient reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the quality of care and patient experiences with chiropractors in Singapore.

Can referrals help in finding the best chiropractor in Singapore?

Referrals from trusted healthcare professionals or friends can be helpful in narrowing down the options and finding a reliable chiropractor in Singapore.

Is it important to consider the location and accessibility of a chiropractor in Singapore?

Yes, choosing a chiropractor in Singapore who is conveniently located and easily accessible can make regular appointments more convenient and sustainable.

Are there online directories for finding the best chiropractor in Singapore?

Yes, online directories and resources dedicated to chiropractic in Singapore can provide a comprehensive list of chiropractors, their profiles, and other relevant information.


To summarise, it is important to not factor in just one of these characteristics. It is better to take them all into account to find the best Chiropractor in Singapore for you who is able to help your case. There are a lot of good Chiropractors in Singapore.  Determining the best depends on your personal needs and what you are looking for in a practitioner. Conduct your research and ensure that the person is:best chiropractor chiropractic fees in singapore dr shaan vitality chiropractic headaches migraines upper cervical 5

  1. Qualified
  2. Has a speciality
  3. Is focused on function rather than symptoms

At Vitality Chiropractic we specialise in the tougher cases. Our Chiropractors have spent years completing post-graduate work to hone skills and knowledge to deal with more serious neurological cases, such as chronic migraines and headaches, inner ear issues like meniere’s disease, vertigo and dizziness or fibromyalgia.

We use medical grade technology to assess the nerve system at every visit, take unique bio-mechanical x-rays and recovery suites to give patients faster results that last for longer.

Thanks for reading! Click here to learn more about the Things All Chiropractors Must Do.

Since 2013, Upper Cervical Chiropractor, DC. Shaan Rai helped patients achieve greater health, relocating to Singapore in 2016 and founding Vitality Chiropractic Centres. He has an impressive track record in providing relief and solutions for people who experience nerve system problems, such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo or neurological conditions.

Take your life back.

For a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Chiropractor or to book a Consultation, call +65 8438 9550 or email to find out if we can help you at our Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

Written by

Shaan Rai (Chiropractic, Singapore)

Shaan (UK) is based in Singapore. He is a GCC registered Singapore Chiropractor, completing a 5 year course at AECC, attaining his Masters in Chiropractic. His career has been specialised in neurological cases, such as migraines and vertigo. He is the Vuce President and Chairman for Outreach & Charity for Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) and is a founder of Vitality Chiropractic Singapore. He developed the NeuroPro method, combining Upper Cervical techniques with Functional Neurology Rehab.

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