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Why Do Chiropractors Need X-rays?

When visiting a Chiropractor it is common to be sent for an x-ray of the spine, sometimes even of a part of the body where there aren’t any symptoms. Read on to find out why x-rays are taken and why it may be dangerous if your practitioner doesn’t take x-rays.

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Can You Treat Anxiety With Chiropractic?

Anxiety disorders are growing more common, becoming the most common form of mental illness. In America, 18% of adults suffer from anxiety problems, with patients spending over $22 billion per year attempting to help for these conditions. Read on to find out report from a recent study about how Upper Cervical care can provide more natural and cost effective relief.

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The 3 BEST Stretches For Office Workers

Sitting isn’t natural. Humans are made to run, jump and move around. This is why we have so many bones and joints allowing for a range of strength and flexibility. However, with our jobs and personal lives it is very common to spend more time sitting; leading to hunched shoulders, the head moving forward and a loss of the curve in the low back. Read this article for the 3 BEST stretches you can do to counteract the effects of sitting to make your job easier!

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Does Vitality Do Discount Chiropractic?

If you’ve looked into Chiropractic consultations you have probably noticed there are a range of clinic and prices, with some centres offering different specialities and techniques. Why are they different? And why do some charge more or less than others?

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