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Chiropractic charity and outreach are important to Alliance of Chiropractic and Vitality Chiropractic. We believe:

Charity and outreach should be a standard activity in our lives

Chiropractic charity events are prevalent worldwide, engaging in both local and international events. International programs are conducted in parts of Africa, South America and Asia on a regular basis. These Chiropractors give their time to assess and adjust communities who would otherwise have no access to healthcare.

We want to do more in Singapore.

is chiropractic all about symptoms?

Chiropractic has a long history of helping patients with neurological based conditions, such as:

Chiropractic is about much more

Chiropractic is profession specialising in the nerve system by correcting spinal Subluxations. We conduct complimentary testing of patients nerve systems to assess for problems. If present, we will provide complimentary Chiropractic care. 

This helps patients in the presence or absence of symptoms! 

Our Doctors in Singapore have experience in outreach events internationally and in Singapore. Internationally this includes annual trips to India, Philippines and past trips in New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Haiti and other countries in Africa and South America.

Below are examples from our previous events. Please contact us to find out how we can provide complimentary services for your cause. We are here to help and support our community.

Chiropractic Charity and Outreach in Singapore 03

past events

Philippines outreach

Dr Shaan, from Vitality Chiropractic, goes annually to Manila to participate in an outreach event working with the congressman Strike Revilla. At their last trip they served over 1,200 people between 4 doctors over the course of a week.

chiropractic charity

india outreach

Dr Vismai goes annually to India with his family and other European Chiropractors to provide free care in villages and donate clothes and school supplies for the children.

chiropractic charity

In Singapore

Chiropractors have provided free talks, screenings and adjustments (as needed) for charities including: 

  • SDI Academy
  • Home
  • CDE
  • NTUC
  • JMAS
  • SG Cares
  • People’s Association
  • Its’ Raining Raincoats

As well as other community associations, religious groups and retirement centres. 

dr shaan vitality chiropractic headaches migraines upper cervical

What can you do?

We are open and active in setting up more charity events and partnerships in Singapore and neighbouring countries. Chiropractic charity is an important fundamental value for the Alliance of Chiropractic so we can provide free health care to those in need or less fortunate.

But we need your help.

If you have any organisations or events you are connected to, please contact us and we can discuss opportunities to work together and provide complimentary education, assessments and adjustments (as required) for those in need.

Chiropractic Charity Opportunities

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