Managing Addiction with a Singapore Chiropractor?

A Specific Spinal Adjustment is the Latest Development in the Science of Managing Drug Addiction

Partnership for Addiction CARE

College and an outpatient addiction care program have entered a unique partnership to offer spinal adjustments for improving brain/nervous system function in patients in an attempt to help drug addiction and dependency, pioneered by Dr. Russell Surasky, (New York).

New York-based ‘Bridge Back to Life’ is working with New York Chiropractic College to provide a specific form of spinal adjustments, in addition to cutting edge medications to help their patients recover from addiction.

Research Findings on Spinal Adjustments

“Clinical research findings have shown that patients in care from addiction who receive certain types of spinal adjustments have higher rates of recovery than those who undergo only standard addiction therapies” says Dr. Russell Surasky, who serves as medical director of Bridge Back to Life.

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How Spinal Adjustments Accelerate Brain Healing from Addiction

“I truly believe that this agreement with the College will serve as a national model for drug rehabilitation centers throughout the country,” Dr. Surasky concludes. “Not only can spinal adjustments reduce the chronic pain issues that may have led patients into drug addiction in the first place, but now we also have evidence that spinal adjustments actually accelerates the healing of the brain from addiction.”

Dr. Surasky refers specifically to a study, published in the journal Nature, which shows that chemically dependent patients who received specific spinal adjustments as part of managing addiction in recovery reported “less drug cravings and fewer mental health symptoms.”

“Not only can spinal adjustments reduce the chronic pain issues that may have led patients into drug addiction in the first place, but now we also have evidence that spinal adjustments actually accelerates the healing of the brain from addiction.” – Dr Surasky

The Impact of Spinal Adjustments on Addiction Recovery

Most significantly, 100 percent of the study patients who received Chiropractic care completed the inpatient program, while about half of those who did not receive spinal adjustments dropped out prior to completion. One of the most important indicators for a patient’s success in recovery is the ability to remain in therapy, with a 100% retention rate in an addiction care program being unprecedented.

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Role of the Limbic System in Addiction

The neurological pathways involved in addiction are complex and still not completely understood, but research and clinical experience indicate that it is the brains limbic system which becomes hijacked by drugs such as opiates and alcohol. The limbic system is an area of the brain that is located near the brainstem but also extends into the upper cervical spine.

“The limbic system has widespread connections throughout the brain and is the most powerful driver of human behavior. The limbic system of the brain is precisely the region that gets hijacked by drugs of abuse, thereby perpetuating patients’ cravings to keep using these drugs,” Dr. Surasky explains.

The Significance of Atlas Bone Alignment in Addiction Management

The atlas bone (C1) at the top of the neck is what protects the limbic system and brain stem. When this Atlas bone of the neck is out of alignment it can have far reaching effects on the function of the brain and its limbic system. Safe, painless adjustments to the upper cervical spinal bones can help normalize the brain’s limbic system.

Misalignments at the top of the neck cause disruptions in the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The brain is bathed in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and depends on CSF to carry away the iron deposition that builds up from normal brain metabolism. If a misalignment exists at the junction between the Atlas bone (C1) and the skull this could hinder the drainage of CSF.

Researchers have hypothesized that not only can an Upper Cervical spinal adjustment help patients suffering with addiction but that it may also help prevent neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of Upper Cervical Spinal Adjustments

Mounting evidence that “gentle specific spinal adjustments of the upper cervical spine” can help reset and restore normal function to the brain, helping to manage addiction.  This prompted Dr. Surasky and his Bridge Back to Life team to seek a partnership with New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Surasky also credits Bridge Back to Life owner Gary Butchen LCSW for “his vision in helping make this collaboration with the college happen. Thanks to Mr. Butchen’s willingness to move forward with the agreement, countless more patients will be helped.”

Under terms of the partnership, New York Chiropractic College doctors and students in clinical training will evaluate and treat Bridge Back to Life patients undergoing addiction therapy.

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Can chiropractic care in Singapore help with addiction management?

Yes, chiropractic care in Singapore can play a supportive role in addiction management by addressing underlying physical and emotional factors.

How does chiropractic in Singapore contribute to addiction recovery?

Chiropractic in Singapore can help in addiction recovery by promoting overall well-being, reducing stress, improving nervous system function, and enhancing the body’s self-healing abilities.

Are there specific chiropractic techniques used in Singapore for addiction management?

Chiropractors in Singapore may utilize techniques such as spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, lifestyle modifications, and stress reduction strategies to support addiction management.

Can chiropractic Singapore be used as a standalone care for addiction?

Chiropractic care in Singapore is not a standalone care for addiction but can be used as a complementary approach alongside other addiction management strategies and therapies.

Is chiropractic care in Singapore suitable for all types of addiction?

Chiropractic care in Singapore can be beneficial for various types of addiction, including substance abuse, by addressing physical imbalances, reducing withdrawal symptoms, and promoting overall wellness.

How can I find a reputable chiropractor in Singapore for addiction management?

To find a reputable chiropractor in Singapore for addiction management, consider seeking recommendations, researching online reviews, and ensuring the chiropractor has experience and expertise in this area.

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Written by

Shaan Rai (Chiropractic, Singapore)

Shaan (UK) is based in Singapore. He is a GCC registered Singapore Chiropractor, completing a 5 year course at AECC, attaining his Masters in Chiropractic. His career has been specialised in neurological cases, such as migraines and vertigo. He is the Vuce President and Chairman for Outreach & Charity for Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) and is a founder of Vitality Chiropractic Singapore. He developed the NeuroPro method, combining Upper Cervical techniques with Functional Neurology Rehab.

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