Are Neck pain or numbness to the arm and hand a persistent problem?

We understand. You’ve tried doctors, medication and therapies… but none provided you with a permanent solution. We are here to help.

Vitality Chiropractic is the FIRST and ONLY centre specialising in dizziness, vertigo and neurological conditions, using Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Singapore.

We use the most specific technology and scientific tests to find the true CAUSE of your problem, and use the best techniques to solve it. 

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chiropractor singapore
chiropractor singapore

neck pain & arm numbness needs a specialist

We use medical grade Computed Infrared Thermography to diagnose dizziness. Research proven scans analyse your nerve system for dysfunction at EVERY visit.

Our X-rays are unique in Singapore, allowing us to make the most SPECIFIC assessment of your condition. This ensures your adjustments are precise.

Our Doctor is the FIRST in Singapore to be trained in this technique, focusing on the Upper Cervical spine (cranio-cervical junction).

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Whiplash is an injury to the neck, caused by an abrupt backward or jerking motion of the head. This is most commonly caused by a car accident (such as head on or being hit from behind), but can also be caused by any fall or accident with this similar jerking motion of the head on the neck; injuring the joints, discs, muscles, ligaments and nerves in the neck. This is especially damaging to the bones at the top of the neck, called C1 and C2. Following a whiplash it is common to experience neck pain and stiffness, headaches, pain in the shoulders or between the shoulder blades, dizziness, sensations into the arm and hand (such as tingling or numbness), sleep difficulty and even memory problems!

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Neck Pain

Neck pain is a modern problem that has become common for lots of people. Research shows up to 70% of people experience neck pain, and the rates are only rising.

For some, neck pain is a minor problem that fades away. However, many people experience chronic and severe pain. This can be debilitating, and such chronic neck pain may not respond to medical treatments.

In some cases, people may also experience headachesmigrainesear pain, arm pain, and sensations in the arms and hands, such as numbness and tingling.

Before resorting to medication or surgical treatment, many opt for alternative remedies that treat neck pain. 

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Hand numbness , arm pain & upper limb weakness (or other sensation changes into the arms, hands or fingers) can be challenging. Arm sensations changes are typically experienced as numbness, tingling, weakness, cramps or pain into the arm, hands and/or fingers

It is most commonly caused by radiculopathy in the neck (cervical spine), which damages the nerves to the shoulder and arm. Arm pain or hand numbness are not a medical conditions themselves, but rather a symptom of another problem (in the same way a fever is a symptom of a problem, such as infection).

Chiropractic has great results helping patients with arm problems (including pain and numbness), especially for those who have already seen medical doctors or physiotherapists with minimal improvements.

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What You can expect

1. Medical History – consisting of your medical history and how your life is affected

2. Physical Examination – orthopaedic tests, muscle tests, postural analysis, balance assessment and blood pressure

3. Nerve System Tests -scientific scans including Computed Infrared Spinal Thermography and HRV

4. X-rays – will be taken, if the Doctor can help you

5. Test Results – follow up  appointment and explanations of findings/x-rays (included in the consultation fees)

*If x-rays are required they cost $100 – $150. You will receive a copy to take home including the official report from the radiologist.

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Solve your neck pain & arm problems for the long-term.

Our Experienced Doctors

chiropractor singapore chiropractic
Dr Shaan d. Rai

Dr. Shaan is from London (UK) and graduated from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC). He has been serving patients in Singapore since 2015 and started Vitality Chiropractic to open the first Upper Cervical clinic to Singapore.

He has completed extensive post-graduate studies in USA, Australia, UK and Philippines for this technique, being the only one to practice this technique in South-East Asia. He is the Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) Chairman for Outreach. Dr Shaan has served thousands of patients, with experience helping headaches, migraines, vertigo, Meniere’s disease, slipped disc, IBS, fibrillations, anxiety and other chronic neurological conditions.

“You are always better off with a healthy nerve system than an unhealthy nerve system, regardless of symptoms” – Dr Shaan

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Dr Jessey Wong

Dr. Jessey is from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and graduated from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (UK). She has experience serving patients from 2 weeks old to 96 years old prior to moving to Singapore and joining Vitality Chiropractic.

She has completed extensive post-graduate studies and is the FIRST female Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Singapore (and the first woman to practice this technique in South-East Asia!). Dr Jessey helps patients with headaches, migraines, vertigo, Meniere’s, slipped disc, anxiety, fibrillations, IBS and other chronic nerve system problems. 

“I am passionate about helping people kick-start their healing process and have a second chance at life” – Dr Jessey


When choosing your Chiropractor you should first check they are licensed and qualified. Second, find out if they are equipped to deal with your needs for you and your family, and they have experience with your problem. Next make sure they are focused on improving your health beyond relief of symptoms. Finally choose to work with somebody you like and trust, as you may be spending time with them frequently. If you need helping finding a Chiropractor feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to refer you to a colleague if we aren’t the right fit.

At Vitality Chiropractic we use the best and most up-to-date tests and technology to test the proper functioning of your nervous system. This includes testing blood pressure, balance, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Thermography, muscle testing, Orthopaedic tests and other procedures to make sure we get the most accurate information about your condition. We also send for specialised X-rays (unique in Singapore) to make sure we are as specific as possible.
The majority of our patients take specialised x-rays (the only Chiropractic Centre in Singapore to utilise these X-rays) so we can accuratley determine the condition of your spine, produce a care plan and provide you with the most specific adjustments possible.
No, we don’t require any painful muscle work. Our adjustments use light touch, speed and specificity, requiring less adjustments to provide you with results.

Your initial Consultation will take approximately 1 hour, your Results will take approximately 45 minutes and follow up Appointments will take 20-35 minutes depending on your case.

When you attend the Centre for your Results the Doctor will let you know the care plan you require and the expectations for your condition. Usually the Results will be given the next day.


Get Rid of Whiplash Symptoms With Us

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