Is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Singapore Dangerous?

When considering any form of healthcare intervention, safety is a top concern. If you’re wondering whether upper cervical chiropractic in Singapore is dangerous, it’s essential to understand the facts.

Read on to find out is upper cervical Chiropractic dangerous or if neck adjustments are dangerous, and how to find the best option for your case.

I will say now, I would not recommend letting your barber, hairdresser, masseur, friend, aunt, pet, TCM, physiotherapist, boss or anybody else without a proper qualification try to adjust or ‘crack’ your neck. This is not to say these people aren’t all highly skilled, intelligent and very good at what they do. However, it is better to leave this to the professionals.

For example, I myself have trained for 5 years attaining my masters as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have undergone internships, mentorships, seminars and training across Europe, America, Australia, Singapore and Philippines. In this time my focus has always been Subluxation (misalignments of the Upper Neck) and how to properly adjust them.

In this time I have also acquired some knowledge on muscle techniques and nutrition, BUT I would still recommend seeing the appropriate professional for these subjects (a physiotherapist and nutritionist, respectively) as it is not my speciality!

The reason I would advise against seeing anybody but a trained professional that specialises in adjusting the neck is that in those cases it can be dangerous. I had a case a number of years ago where a patient presented with neck pain and low back pain. I did a number of tests and sent for x-rays to confirm findings and ensure safety before starting any care. When he returned for his results he informed me he had been for a massage, they ‘cracked’ his neck and now he was having weakness in both his legs. I explained to him that based on his x-rays NOBODY should be adjusting his neck, less somebody who had little experience and had done no analysis.

Get the right chiropractic management with our neck pain clinic today!

While not all cases are as severe, I do regularly see cases where someone without training or testing performs a cracking manuoeuvre and it worsens the patient’s condition.

Read more about the Guidelines for Care, here.

So, is Upper Cervical Chiropractic Dangerous?

At Vitality Chiropractic we conduct a number of tests (unique in Singapore) and take specialized x-rays to ensure we are as accurate as possible with ALL adjustments (when needed). We also test the nervous system of all patients at every visit to determine when an adjustment is required.


Is upper cervical chiropractic in Singapore a safe healthcare option?

Yes, upper cervical chiropractic in Singapore is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced chiropractor. They employ precise techniques and personalized care to ensure patient safety.

Are there any potential side effects of upper cervical chiropractic care in Singapore?

Like any medical or therapeutic intervention, there can be potential risks or side effects associated with upper cervical chiropractic care. However, when performed by a skilled chiropractor in Singapore, the risks are minimal, and side effects, if any, are usually mild and temporary.

Is upper cervical chiropractic suitable for everyone in Singapore?

Upper cervical chiropractic may not be suitable for individuals with certain pre-existing medical conditions or those who have had recent neck or spine surgeries. A thorough evaluation by a Singapore chiropractor can determine the appropriateness of this therapy approach for an individual.

What precautions are taken during upper cervical chiropractic adjustments in Singapore?

During upper cervical chiropractic adjustments in Singapore, chiropractors take precautions to ensure patient safety. They use gentle and precise techniques, gather detailed patient history, conduct thorough examinations, and may utilize imaging or diagnostic tests as needed.

Can upper cervical chiropractic care cause more harm than good?

When performed by a qualified chiropractor in Singapore, the risk of upper cervical chiropractic care causing more harm than good is minimal. Chiropractors undergo extensive training to provide safe and effective care, minimizing the potential for adverse outcomes.

How do I find a trustworthy upper cervical chiropractor in Singapore?

To find a trustworthy upper cervical chiropractor in Singapore, consider factors such as their qualifications, experience, patient reviews, and reputation. Seeking recommendations from trusted sources or professional associations can also help in finding a reliable chiropractor.

Since 2013, Upper Cervical Singapore Chiropractor, DC. Shaan Rai helped patients achieve greater health, relocating to Singapore in 2016 and founding Vitality Chiropractic Centres. He has an impressive track record in providing relief and solutions for people who experience nerve system problems, such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo or neurological conditions. Take your life back.

For a Complimentary, no-obligation call with the Chiropractor or to book a Consultation, call +65 8438 9550 or email to find out if we can help you at our Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

Written by

Shaan Rai (Chiropractic, Singapore)

Shaan (UK) is based in Singapore. He is a GCC registered Singapore Chiropractor, completing a 5 year course at AECC, attaining his Masters in Chiropractic. His career has been specialised in neurological cases, such as migraines and vertigo. He is the Vuce President and Chairman for Outreach & Charity for Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) and is a founder of Vitality Chiropractic Singapore. He developed the NeuroPro method, combining Upper Cervical techniques with Functional Neurology Rehab.

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