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Chiropractic for dizziness & vertigo

Mr Paker enjoyed DIY and was a muscian, but for 15 years dizziness he suffered with dizziness and vertigo attacks. Over time they got worse, affecting his confidence and even exerienced attacks while driving, leading to him stopping activities.

Since staring Chiropractic care he has his confidence back, no vertigo attacks, returning to normal life and his DIY projects!

Chiropractic for migraines

Rosheila was having terrible migraines, bringing down her mood and affecting her lifestyle. Her sleep was being disrupted and her sinuses were causing her pain. She tried medication, but relief was short term. This resulted in losing her focus at work and making it harder to care for her 2 year old child.

Since Chiropractic care the migraines are gone, sleep is better, she’s less agitated and her vision is better!

Chiropractic for meniere's disease

Cheryl was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, being told by the doctor there was nothing that could be done to fix the cause of the problem. She was given medication by her ENT, but it didn’t help, leaving her feeling very irritated for a year.

With Chiropractic care her tinnitus has reduced, headaches are gone, and her nausea has stopped!

chiropractic for acid reflux

Siva was having problems with gastritis and acid reflux for a number of years. He tried the western tests and treatments, but it didn’t improve his situation. 

Since starting Chiropractic care he has had significant improvement from the acid reflux, and the bloating is gone. Now his stomach feels better, without any medications!

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