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We understand. It’s tough to find time for yourself. There’s work, your kids, your partner, your family, your friends; you give your time to all of them and leave little for yourself.

You’ve tried doctors, medication and therapies… but none provided you with a permanent solution. We are here to help.

Vitality Chiropractic is the FIRST and ONLY centre specialising in vertigo, migraines and neurological conditions, using Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Singapore.

We use the most specific technology and scientific tests to find the true CAUSE of your problem, and use the best techniques to solve it. 

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Success stories


“I tried massages before but it didn’t really help. I do feel that there’s a difference, the neck and shoulders don’t really feel that tired so quickly anymore. I did do Chiropractic sessions with a different Chiropractor previously. They jumped right into treatment without doing x-rays and without really going in depth into what the problem is. SoI like the fact that Dr Shaan really took the time to explain how the treatments going to go and the kind of things we would be looking out for. I would say jump into the consultation first, the Chiropractor will advise on whether or not he thinks if the symptoms you have are suitable for Chiropractic or not.”


What will happen at your consultation?

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Medical History

In-depth discussion with the doctor about your health, including your limitations and goals

Chiropractic doctor nervous system headache migraine test
Nerve Scans

Computed Infrared Thermography scans to assess your nerve system, the only centre using them in Singapore

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Physical Assessment

Cranio-cervical Postural analysis, Orthopaedic tests, HRV and Neurological examination

This also includes your follow-up appointment where the Doctor will explain your Test Results and how they can help

***if x-rays are required there is an additional charge, payable to the imaging centre***

Why Vitality Chiropractic?

We use medical grade technology to diagnose neurological problems. Research proven scans analyse your nerve system for dysfunction at EVERY visit.

Our X-rays are unique in Singapore, allowing us to make the most SPECIFIC assessment of your condition. This ensures your adjustments are precise.

Our Doctor is the FIRST in Singapore to be trained in this technique, focusing on the Upper Cervical spine (cranio-cervical junction).

Our Experienced Doctor

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Dr Shaan d. Rai

Dr. Shaan is from London (UK) and graduated from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC). He has been serving patients in Singapore since 2015 and started Vitality Chiropractic to open the first Upper Cervical clinic to Singapore.

He has completed extensive post-graduate studies in USA, Australia, UK and Philippines for this technique, being the only one to practice this technique in South-East Asia. He is the Alliance of Chiropractic (AoC) Chairman for Outreach. Dr Shaan has served thousands of patients, with experience helping headaches, migraines, vertigo, Meniere’s disease, slipped disc, IBS, fibrillations, anxiety and other chronic neurological conditions.

“You are always better off with a healthy nerve system than an unhealthy nerve system, regardless of symptoms” – Dr Shaan

About Us

5 Jalan Masjid, #01-10 Kembangan Court, 418924

The closest MRT is Kembangan (Green East-West Line). There is parking in the basement or in front of the building

(+65) 8438 9550

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