Neck Pain treatment & remedy for stiff neck

Neck pain is modern problem and has become common for lots of people, requiring a remedy for stiff neck that doesn’t require medication or surgery.

What is neck pain?

Neck pain is modern problem and has become common for lots of people. Research shows up to 70% of people experience neck pain and the rates are rising. For some people the neck pain is insignificant and goes away, however, many people experience chronic neck pain. This can be debilitating and may not respond to medical treatments. For some cases, people may also experience associated headaches, migraines, ear pain, shoulder pain, and sensations in the arms and hands, such as numbness and tingling.

Some people find that massage, acupuncture or general Chiropractic care provided improvements in their neck pain. However, others have found their condition needed a more specific and specialised approach to identifying the underlying cause of the problem, such as Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

remedy for stiff neck

why does neck pain happen?

This pain is caused by the nerves, muscles and joints in the neck producing pain signals. This usually will resolve on its own after a few days. However, in some cases, it may persist longer or will start to happen on a more regular basis. In these cases, it becomes a big problem and gets in the way of activities. This may lead to changing normal behaviours, such as how to drive a car or work posture.

For every inch the head moves forward it adds over 4kg more for the neck muscles to carry

Neck injuries can have widespread effects on the rest of the body, including the organs and muscles. Damage to the neck will interfere with the nerves that pass from the neck to the body, such as the famous neck injury to the actor, Christopher Reeves.


What causes neck pain symptoms?

A remedy for neck pain must involve establishing what the triggers are and reducing them to prevent it happening again in the future. When needed, there should also be an external intervention to correct any problems that have developed in the neck, such as by a ChiropractorCommon causes of neck pain include:

1. Injuries/accidents 

Falls, sports, car crashes, whiplash…these can all damage the bones and nerves of the neck, producing pain.

2. Poor posture

This includes too much time seated, staring at computers and looking down at phones. This overstretches the nerves and muscles, causing them to spasm. The shape of the neck may change over time and it can result in degeneration of the bones. A forward head posture and lack of natural neck curve are correlated with poor health and reduced function of some vital organs, including the heart and lungs.

3. Sleep position

This is another form of poor posture. Sleeping on your front or with the head in an awkward position will cause a stiff neck.

4. Stress

Mental and emotional stress will reduce the body’s ability to heal and maintain proper health. The fight or flight response causes the body to react to stress and tense the neck and shoulder muscles, damaging the nerves.

Read more about Causes of Neck Problems here.

WHat is text neck?

Text neck is a modern issue, increasing in its prevalence and severity. Due to our increased use of phones, tablets and other screens, we are now looking down much more. By looking down this strains the neck, forcing it to flex forward. Naturally, the neck should have a curve when looking at a person from their side. 

Prolonged time looking down will straighten the neck away from its natural curve, resulting in text neck syndrome.

This text neck syndrome will put pressure on the nerves, joints, ligaments and muscles of the neck. They will be forced into an unnatural position, causing dysfunction and eventually symptoms, such as pain. This is becoming more common in young people. This is especially worrisome for the effect it will have on the nerves exiting the neck.

Research shows that a poor posture, with a straight ‘text neck’, increases the likelihood of visceral complications, such as breathing and heart issues

The nerves in the neck supply information to the rest of the body after they pass from the brain. If the messages transmitted by these nerves are disrupted it will interfere with the information that needs to pass to the organs. This can damage the brainstem and vagus nerve.




Neck pain after waking up can be a common experience. Things may feel fine in the evening, but by the morning the neck is stiff and tight. This may even cause symptoms in the jaw, shoulder, arm or fingers.

The truth is the neck pain after waking up is not due to solely one night’s sleep. It is an accumulation of poor sleeping position, posture, old injuries, stress, overexertion and other factors over time. It may seem sensical to blame a mattress or pillow, but it is due to a combination of factors that have degraded the health of the neck over time.

In these instances, the neck pain after waking up is a result of the straw that broke the camel’s back, with months of abuse /injury (non-symptomatic) eventually affecting the nerves which feel pain (symptomatic).

How is neck pain diagnosed? 

Doctors may send for X-rays or MRIs to assess the neck. Often it can be difficult for the medical system to identify the problem unless there is a clear source for the pain, such as a fracture. The next step may be to refer to a Physiotherapist, general Chiropractor or Orthopaedic surgeon. However, for neck pain there should be a full assessment from an Upper Cervical Chiropractor first, as they specialise in and only treat the neck.

This may seem like a ‘normal’ complaint, but the neck is extremely important and must be taken seriously.


How to relieve neck pain?

A common medical remedy for neck pain includes pain medication and muscle relaxants, but these don’t provide long-term solutions. This is a serious problem and can impact work, family relationships, friendships and finances.

Neck pain can be debilitating and may not respond to medical treatments. For some cases, people may also experience associated headaches, migraines, ear pain, shoulder pain and sensations into the arms and hands, such as numbness and tingling.

Other approaches include Physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and stretching. These approaches focus on the muscles rather than the nerves, so the pain will usually return.

In some cases, relaxing the neck muscles excessively can worsen the symptoms, because the tense muscles are protecting the nerves. Once the protection is removed the damage to the nerves increases. If untreated, a neck problem can worse and cause TMJ disorder or ear pain

For a Natural Remedy For Stiff Neck, read here.

It is not advisable to let anyone adjust your neck unless they are a trained and licensed Chiropractor.

stiff neck exercises & exercises for neck pain 

Exercises for neck pain (as shown in the video below) may not necessarily ‘cure’ the neck problem, however, they can provide temporary relief. This can be helpful if you aren’t able to see a health professional (such as a Chiropractor) or to help support the improvements you experience with your practitioner.

The exercises for neck pain below are passive movements, rather than stretches, which will gently improve the alignment of the neck. The alignment of the structures of the neck is usually the main problem, therefore the structure must be the main focus.

Aggressive stretching of the muscles can make the problem worse or further exacerbate the symptoms. The muscles of the neck may be sore due to overworking (such as with a forward head posture), where the muscles become overstretched. The muscles then instinctively tighten to ‘correct’ the posture. This results in them becoming tired and sore. Logically, stretching them further won’t fix the problem, but potentially make it even worse.

Exercises for neck pain should be used for temporary relief or to support interventions from a trained practitioner. Watch the video below to learn home exercises for neck pain. 


Some people find that massage, acupuncture or general Chiropractic care provided the improvements in their neck pain. However, others have found their condition needed a more specific and specialised approach to identifying the underlying cause of the problem. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care has especially good success with stubborn and difficult chronic cases of neck pain, helping patients to relieve neck pain and stiffness.

At Vitality Chiropractic we regularly help patients who have years of neck pain. We provide a natural, effective treatment for stiff neck to people who have suffered years of problems. Many have already been to their medical Doctor, orthopaedic surgeon, Osteopath, massage and even to other Chiropractors!

Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic care is a unique approach, focusing on the top bones in the neck. These bones, C1 and C2, are the foundation for the neck and protect the brainstem. Restoring normal biomechanics to the region brings balance to the nerve system and restoration of health.

We perform specific neurological tests, nerve scans and specialised bio-mechanical x-rays to diagnose and relieve neck pain effectively.

We help out patients to take their lives back.


Our doctor has undertaken additional post-graduate training in Upper Cervical care to give patients the best results possible.

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