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success stories

How Shamshul keeps his family healthy

How Shamshul keeps his family healthy

Less pain, headaches and able to manage stress

Vertigo gone

Headaches gone and improved balance

Improved dizziness, headache, stiff neck & nausea

Recovery from Meniere's Disease

Migraines gone an better mood

Gobi Stops Vomiting and No More Migraines

Migraine Gone, No More Pain Killers

Stomach Relief, Acid Reflux

Migraine Relief After Years of Medication

Improved giddiness and headaches

Neck Pain and Hand Trembling Gone

Cheryl’s story of living on painkillers

Student with years of headaches

Migraine Recovery

Calvin the boxing trainer

Patients recovery from back injury

Better Vision and Happier

How he improved his Vertigo

Compilation Testimonial

Adil's Dizziness Gone

Meniere's Disease and Headaches gone

Compilation Testimonial

Mothers relief from headaches and migraines

Patient able to walk again after getting adjusted

Neck pain gone and improved sleep!

How Shamshul keeps his family healthy

Neck pain gone and improved sleep!

What does Chiropractic help?

When you should NOT see a Chiropractor

4 Causes of Neck Problems

Is Chiropractic Evidence Based?

Should Chiropractors Treat at EVERY Visit?

5 Differences at Vitality Chiropractic

How does stress affect your brain?

How to avoid text neck

5 Signs of Neck Problems

Stretches For Sore Neck and Shoulders: Part 1

Stretches For Sore Neck and Shoulders: Part 2

Stress and How it can Affect the Brain (Chiropractic Videos)

Understand and manage stress

Fact vs Myth: What is Chiropractic?

Why you shouldn’t CRACK your own neck

How does stress affect your children?

Why do muscles get tight?

Is Chiropractic Scientific?

Why do babies need Chiropractic?

Do I Need X-rays to See a Chiropractor?

Exercise to help slipped disc

What is the BEST sleeping position?

Why do I have back pain?

About Vitality Chiropractic

Better than yesterday

Meet Dr Jessey

What is this unique technique? (Chinese Subtitles)

Should I see a Chiropractor?

What is it like being a patient at Vitality Chiropractic Centres?

Why did Dr Shaan study to be a Chiropractor?

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What Happens on Results Day?

When to see a Chiropractor? Are Chiropractors Doctors?

How can Upper Cervical help?

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